Wondrous Woodlands: The Best Des Moines Camping Spots

For residents of the state of Washington, camping is a time-honored activity, as the boundless nature that surrounds its metropolitan areas provides countless opportunities for outdoor recreation. Whether you’re interested in fishing, hiking, or kayaking, Washington offers it all for those willing to make the drive to their local state park. The Puget Sound region in particular, with its proximity to the majestic Pacific Ocean, is home to some of the finest campgrounds in the country. If you live in Des Moines, camping is as simple as marking one of these beautiful and tranquil destinations on your map.

Saltwater State Park

Des Moines Camping Saltwater State Park
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Those looking for Des Moines camping in a beachy atmosphere will be delighted by the convenience that Saltwater State Park offers, as its proximity to the city of Des Moines means that trips can be accomplished to and from the park in a matter of minutes. While the park offers less in the way of amenities than other options in the area, the glory of the Puget Sound will not be lost on any who decide to make a visit.

At Saltwater State Park, campers can use either tents or RVs, making it possible to experience the park in a variety of ways. Due to its status as a hotspot camping location between Seattle and Tacoma, the grounds can witness surges of activity, but the attention and care provided to the park as a result of its popularity make dealing with neighbors well worth it.

Dash Point State Park

Des Moines Camping Dash Point State Park
Source: Beautiful Washington

If you are willing to make a longer drive, Dash Point State Park makes for a Des Moines camping trip that leaves an impact in the memory of any who visit. Dash Point is located similarly on the shores of the Puget Sound, making this spot ideal for relaxing by a bonfire and taking in the fresh ocean air.

While the park is considered a quieter alternative to other state parks in the Puget Sound region, the peace and calm of Dash Point is considered one of its most attractive qualities. Dash Point is a sprawling campground, so returning to the park multiple times can end up meriting new observations and impressions on each visit.

Manchester State Park

Des Moines Camping Manchester State Park
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Manchester State Park may be farther than the other parks mentioned, but its unique location at the tip of Kitsap Peninsula provides visitors with a bountiful mix of coast and forest, as densely wooded areas seamlessly blend into the park’s beachy sections. Whether you’re in the mood to pleasantly stroll beneath scores of Washington’s famous Douglas firs, or wish to fish in the pure blue waters of the Puget Sound, Manchester State Park allows for a diverse range of Des Moines camping experiences.

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