Vendor Spotlight: Bloom Cannabis

We love curating great products for our Des Moines dispensary and sharing them with you. We also enjoy being able to recommend new-to-you products. In the spirit of that, we wanted to share a bit about Bloom.

Bloom is a cannabis brand specializing in concentrated oils. Originally established in Los Angeles in 2013, Bloom’s products are now available in California, Nevada, Washington, and New Mexico. Bloom’s focus on clean, pure and progressive extraction methods has quickly made them one of the most recognized concentrate brands on the West coast.

Vendor Spotlight: Bloom Cannabis

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Extraction is the name of the game for Bloom. Their commitment to leaving behind common extraction methods like butane and CO2 has cemented them firmly above the competition. Bloom concentrates are instead extracted and produced using ethanol, a substance that is more efficient, effective, and safer than traditional extraction solutions.

Bloom’s ethanol extraction method produces consistently potent and great tasting oils. The final product is a high-quality oil that is free of any solvents, impurities, pigments, lipids, fillers, or waxes. The purity of Bloom oils allows the specific terpene profile of each strain to shine through and produce its intended effects.

Our Favorite Bloom Products

From the disposable vape pen to the revolutionary pod vape system, Bloom’s range of vaporizers is designed to suit any occasion. These products seek to refine the experience of using cannabis by focusing on the terpenes contained in each strain. By bringing out the vibrant terpene profile of each strain, Bloom seeks to empower consumers to control their mood and customize their high.

Bloom DART

Bloom dart
Source: Blooom

The DART is the newest and most talked-about product in Bloom’s lineup, and for good reason. Its long battery life, big clouds of vapor, sleek and sophisticated design, and excellent functionality have made it stand out in the crowded market of portable vaporizers.

The DART is smaller and more compact than traditional 510 vape pens, making it discreet enough to use just about anywhere. Moreover, the unit’s hi-powered CCell battery delivers powerful hits without knocking itself out. The DART is specifically designed to prolong battery life by preventing short-circuits and overcharging. The unit is also carefully designed to avoid any leakage but, just in case, also features an isolated CCell battery that is well protected from any possible damage.

Bloom Drop

Bloom drop green crack
Source: Bloom

The Bloom drop is a syringe loaded with one of Bloom’s unique oils. The drop allows users to enjoy the brand’s lineup of exquisite strains outside of their vaporizers. Each 800 mg syringe contains 560 mg of THC and 240 mg of terpenes and other cannabinoids.

There are numerous ways in which the oil can be used. It can be added to joints, included in edible recipes, or dabbed with a dab rig. Alternatively, the drop can also be used to refill or mix the cartridges used in various Bloom vapes.

What About Strains?

Bloom cartrides
Source: Bloom

Bloom’s ever-expanding line of strains currently boasts 10 strain including Pineapple Express, Maui Wowie, Skywalker, Grandaddy Purple, King Louis XIII, Super Lemon Haze, Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack, and Champagne Kush. Vaporizer cartridges are available in 1 gram or 0.5 gram amounts.

To pick up some Bloom products check out our in-store menu or order online today.

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