Verdant Wonders: Best Hiking Near Des Moines

The city of Des Moines is snuggled between two of the Puget Sound’s major cities, Tacoma and Seattle, and its convenient positioning allows its residents access to amenities available to either city. Outdoor enthusiasts in the area, in particular, will be pleasantly surprised by the number of state parks and trails within driving distance of city limits. For any and all searching for their next go-to spot for hiking near Des Moines, here are a few choices we believe will lead to memorable experiences.

Hiking Near Des Moines: Saltwater State Park

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Source: Beautiful Washington

As one of the closest options for hiking near Des Moines, Saltwater State Park provides visitors with a tranquil seaside stroll that hugs the shore of the Puget Sound. In the summertime, the cool ocean air can be a welcome contrast to the heat, and many residents enjoy Saltwater State Park for its breezy, mild atmosphere that allows for gorgeous, sprawling views of Washington’s pure blue waters.

Planning your visit in advance can be recommended, as the park can become quite busy during peak hours. If you manage to visit at just the right time, however, you’ll be treated to a calm journey through one of the very best examples of the vibrant nature that characterizes the Puget Sound.

Des Moines Creek Trail

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Source: Seattle Southside

Another nearby option for locals of Des Moines and the surrounding area, the Des Moines Creek Trail offers hikers convenience similar to Saltwater State Park in a vastly different biome. Hikers who travel the Des Moines Creek Trail will find themselves in a lush and verdant forest laden with emerald green trees and mossy foliage. In all, the Des Moines Creek Trail makes for one of the more pleasant choices for hiking near Des Moines.

Marine View Trail

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True to its name, the Marine View Trail is renowned in the area for its vantage points from which locals can catch amazing sights of the Puget Sound. While Saltwater State Park is considered a popular option for outdoor recreation, the Marine View Trail can be an ideal choice for those looking to shake things up in their weekly routine. As the trail is not very long in comparison to other locations for hiking near Des Moines, it can be recommended for outings with friends or even dates with that special someone to watch the sunset.

Normandy Park Trails

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Source: Willhite Web

Near the city of Des Moines lies Normandy Park, a community firmly embedded in the nature of the region. Within the community there are several trails that can be used by locals and visitors from the adjacent urban area, conveniently marked for hikers to find them.

Traversing Normandy Park’s Nature Trails system, visitors will be delighted by the all-encompassing natural world that unfolds around them, as signature symbols of the Pacific Northwest in the form of Douglas Firs and other arboreal wonders line its looped paths. While Normandy Park is not necessarily the most challenging trail system for hiking near Des Moines, it can be a more than a satisfying option for explorers of Washington’s little-known gems of the outdoors.

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