Dank and Detox this Holiday Season

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With the maelstrom between Thanksgiving and Christmas, one party after another, maybe you’re feeling a bit over-indulgent?  It’s no wonder, the season is notorious for rich dairy, heavy starches, flours and gravies, even those who are fit as a fiddle may be letting out their belt buckles a notch or three.

Chances are your weak protests to animated hostesses are successfully rebuked and you’re left guiltily sucking down yet another shot of artery-crippling eggnog. Which brings us back to the question: how do we survive the holiday season?  Some would say moderation is key. Others will counterattack with: “I’ll just lose the weight in January.”  We say, nonsense. It’s time to take matters into your own hands. Detox. But detox smartly, not like a lunatic hellbent on failure. This is our strategy: grab some dank and detox. Just do it. ‘Tis the season when only the best will do, we’re talking only krippy, chronic kindbud.

If you don’t get the logic behind dank and detox, stay with us. It will eventually make sense. You need a source, and at the heart of Seattle weed shops is Greenside Recreational Marijuana. This is where you can go to get your dank, when only dank will do. Greenside Marijuana near SeaTac and Northgate is famous for its high-quality sticky, hairy, stinky premium nugs, often in stock even after word gets out, including heartbreakers like Orange Kush, GirlScout Cookies, Purple Kush, HF Chemdawg, and too many others to name. Just look at the Greenside Recreational Menu. It’s sick!

The dank and detox holiday strategy: Once you get your stash from the finest of Seattle weed stores, you’ll want to look at your calendar and plan around any parties or special events that are likely to have rich treats, party favors, and spirits. On days surrounding these, you’ll go to whole, real foods only, the more liquid, the better. Ideally, you could do a liquid/soup/tea diet, but if that’s too hard, you can moderate your food intake in the following ways: substitute green teas for sugary coffee treats. Eliminate anything artificial. No sweeteners, no frozen meals with preservatives. Eliminate bad carbs, meaning white bread, rice and pasta and their ilk. Cut out salad dressings. You can have organic cold-pressed olive oil and apple cider vinegar and lemon and all the fresh or dried herbs you want. If you can cut breads and grains out altogether, do this. If you can’t, have only whole grain sources of bread, crackers and pasta. You can eat as many organic fruits and vegetables as you like. Stay away from bananas and if you want avocados, don’t have more than one avocado a day, as they are high in fat content, although it is the good kind of fat, but still … As for meats, eat sparingly, and eat only lean meats for their high protein content. You can also eat nuts and lean fish.

You can go as light or hardcore on this holiday fast as you want. The weed will help the mood swings when the cravings start! Kidding aside, the idea is to alternate with this whole food/fast during days when you don’t have a holiday party to attend, and on the days when you do have the parties, you won’t feel so bad partying it up. But if you start jelling with the dank and detox holiday strategy, you just might find you don’t want to overkill at the parties. And if you don’t, try not to go overboard, as you can quickly undo any gains you’ve made. Remember: moderation is key and Greenside Recreational Marijuana makes it all possible.

If you’re serious about improving your health and would like to move away from a processed diet, here is a good place to get started.

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