Cannabis Legends: DJ Short and the Blueberry Strain

Some call him “the Willy Wonka of Pot.” Others call him the “Wizard of Weed.” And still more refer to him as the “Cannabis Professor.” Regardless of the title you use, there’s only one DJ Short. Short is a legendary figure in the cannabis community. He’s bred countless famous strains, but none so ubiquitous as DJ Short Blueberry. In this post, we’ll delve into Short’s history, as well as the now-famous strain that bears his name.

Cannabis Legends: Who is DJ Short?

Although his name has become synonymous with cannabis, DJ Short himself has stayed fairly low-key. In contrast to other cannabis culture icons such as Jack Herer or Rick Simpson, Short preferred to stay out of the spotlight.

Early Life

Although he’s famous for his work as a breeder in Oregon, Short doesn’t hail from the Pacific Northwest. Instead, he was born in Detroit.

Short claims that he first became acquainted with cannabis after people close to him (namely, his mother and girlfriend) used cannabis to alleviate various ailments. For his mother, it was a stroke. For his girlfriend, it was chemotherapy.

Cannabis career

Cannabis Career

DJ Short first began cultivating cannabis in the early 1970s. In 1973, he bought a box cereal that would change his life forever. It came with a plastic seed sprouter, and Short immediately put it to good use.

By the mid-1970s, Short began to expand in his breeding and growing education. That’s about the time when cannabis gardening books became available on the internet, and he poured over these tomes to learn as much as possible. He would eventually write his own guide to growing entitled Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis.

Since he didn’t want to get caught growing, Short grew inside. As he honed his craft, he realized the need for shorter, bushier plants. He had a problem, though: he only had access to sativa genetics (mostly from Mexico and South Asia). Plants that possess sativa genetics tend to grow tall and thin, similar to vines.

That wasn’t ideal for an indoor grower with cramped space.

To remedy this, Short began introducing indica genetics to his indoor garden. Indicas were a fairly new innovation in modern cannabis. Western growers could only get their hands on these strains by traveling on the so-called “Hippie Trail” from Central Asia to Amsterdam. Short managed to procure some indica seeds, and began breeding the genetics into his garden.

And that’s how he ended up with the strain that would bear his name.

Bluebrery strain

Beyond the Legend: DJ Short Blueberry Strain

Eventually, Short managed to dial in his strains’ genetics perfectly. He discovered a strain that exhibited the best of both sativa and indica plants: DJ Short Blueberry.

First, it grew short and shrubby, making it easy to cultivate it inside. What’s more, the DJ Short Blueberry strain possesses effects typical of both indica and sativa plants. On one hand, many deem it’s profile to be relaxing; may also help alleviate pain and anxiety, similar to many indicas. On the other, it still had invigorating effects, and didn’t leave a user feeling too stoned.

It also had an unparalleled taste and aroma. Dripping with the sweet, bursting sweetness of berries, you can instantly DJ Short Blueberry upon your first toke. Don’t believe us? Try Blueberry yourself and discover your next favorite strain. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our genetics, available at our online store.

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