Weed-y Weddings On the Rise – Seattle Wedding Show

Seattle Wedding Show - Weed-y Wedding with Greenside Recreational

WHAT if I told you there was a one-stop wedding shop. A SINGLE place to seek out and find the flowers, the DJ, the cake AND the venue? Maybe you’re thinking “why, yes! It’s called Las Vegas!” That’s not technically incorrect, but you can forgo the plane tickets and just head to the Washington State Convention Center this weekend for The Seattle Wedding Show. Your friends at Greenside, Seattle and Des Moines best retail pot shop want your upcoming event to be the very best and what better party favor to give the people who know you best, than some good ole recreational marijuana?

Seattle Wedding Show - Weed-y Wedding with Greenside RecreationalAt the wedding show, you can expect to be instantly impressed with the wide variety of services and people available to make your special day perfect.

However, sometimes crowds can be overwhelming and you need a little extra help refocusing on your mission. Indica strains are well-known for their calming influence. If you get anxious, but need to get the job done, stop by Greenside for a nice Bubblegum pre-roll. Or maybe you’re more a fan of vaping. We suggest a Indica Caviar Concentrate.

If weed is very important to you, and it is to many of us, some inspirational couples have actually had a cannabis bar AT their nuptials! Yes, there is no idea to strange anymore. One couple set up an entirely different tent at the wedding reception for guests to smoke and relax in. If this sounds interesting to you, please be sure to mention it to one of our friendly and educated staff members. We want your day to be one for the history books!

Greenside Cannabis provides its customers with a wide variety of product, great deals and convenient locations in Seattle and Des Moines. Whatever the occasion, be it wedding or just a chill day inside, Greenside Cannabis can help you find the level of relaxation you seek.

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