Greenside’s Top Cannabis Tech Products – National Tech Day

With National Technology Day looming, we thought we’d get into the spirit and bring to your attention some snazzy new cannabis tech products. One area we’re seeing big waves being made is in advances in marijuana automation and data. This only makes sense as more states legalize both medicinal and recreational weed, there’s an even greater demand to monitor, measure and track progress.

One big trend we’ve spotted in our top cannabis tech products is in the arena of helpful apps, and not just for shop owners, but for the proprietors of pot. Campfire is an app that connects peers so they can dish on marijuana strains and compare effects and share other information helpful to the cannabis connoisseur.

Tools for the grower are in high demand, as well. Green houses or grow houses also need to keep records of things they need to know to run their business. ShowGrow is a company that has set up the technology to remotely monitor things like soil temperature, moisture, CO2 levels, humidity, air temps, lighting, irrigation and fertilizer inputs.

On the horizon, Greenside’s Top Cannabis Tech Products will focus on emerging technologies that support consumer 420 intel, and research like finding top strains at your favorite pot shops, like Greenside Recreational, the finest weed near SeaTac. Also in support of this, and helpful to both consumers and shop owners is the Simple Marijuana Menu, which allows consumers to see the inventory of local pot shops in real time so there’s no surprises when they show up expecting their favorite pot strain to be available in person. Automated menus are where it’s at as we become increasingly more mobile and ever-more demanding. It’s just the wave of the future.

What can you do right now? You can get down to Greenside Recreational for your daily dose of your favorite sativa, indica or hybrid strain and enjoy the ultimate cannabis shopping experience today.

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