Vendor Spotlight: Binske

Ready to meet cannabis royalty? For this brand spotlight, we’d like to focus on Binske, a vendor whose fantastic products have made it one of the most popular cannabis brands in America.


Unapologetically High-End Cannabis

Binske is a brand that has continually pushed the envelope toward developing new and exciting cannabis products. What started as a high-end edible brand has expanded into a cannabis company that does it all. Today, their massive lineup includes products ranging from fresh flower and vapes to infused cooking oils, top-of-the-line edibles, and an impressive lineup of concentrates.

But Binske is certainly not a quantity over quality brand. One of the things that has allowed them to grow so quickly is the fact that they make good products that people love. The Binske team has always been up-front about their desire to produce high-end cannabis products where superior quality sets them apart from the rest of the crowd.

How do they do it? By using top notch ingredients to create products that challenge the industry standard and offer a superior cannabis experience. Moreover, by placing a priority on research, development, and cultivation, they’ve been able to produce an assortment of cannabis strains that can be relied on to consistently deliver high potency and rich flavor.

What does the future hold for Binske? Today their products are available in 11 different states along with Canada. They’ve also set their sights on the European market and plan on becoming one of Europe’s top crossover cannabis brands as well.


Binske Products At Greenside Recreational

Ready to try out some of Binske’s famous cannabis for yourself? Here are just a few of our favorites to keep an eye out for.

Binske Blueberry Muffins Flower

The Blueberry Muffin strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that produces waves of euphoric full-body relaxation. This strain’s indica-leaning effects will leave you in a hazy bliss that eventually clears up into a more focused euphoric state. Named for its bold flavor, this strain’s impressive genetics have gifted it with a rich aroma of fresh berries and notes of vanilla. A must-try for both its remarkable effects and delightful flavor. Make sure to keep an eye out for Binske’s Blueberry Muffins pre-rolls as well!

Binske Peach Gelato Flower

Peach Gelato is another indica-dominant hybrid that cannabis lovers just need to try. The Peach Gelato strain produces an uplifting sense of calmness that melts away your worries and stops any negative thoughts in their tracks. Instead, expect a calming relaxation to wash over you, leaving you relaxed in both mind and body. Peach Gelato features a bright and sweet flavor that is reminiscent of fresh peaches.


Binske Purple Omak Pre-Rolls

Why waste time rolling it yourself? Binske’s Purple Omak pre-rolls are the perfect on-the-go smoke for a late evening. This unique and hard-to-find strain is both deeply euphoric and deeply relaxing, providing a lively indica buzz that is simultaneously fun and deeply calming. We carry multiple varieties of Binske pre-rolls so make sure to keep an eye out for their other unique strains in pre-roll form as well.

Binske: Final Thoughts

With their commitment to quality and understanding of the modern cannabis consumer, if you haven’t tried Binske’s sublime cannabis offerings, be sure to come by one of our dispensary locations today or browse our online menu right now to shop a variety of different Binske products. We look forward to serving you!

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