Product Spotlight: Transdermal Patches

Transdermal patches are a simple and unique way to consume cannabis without having to inhale or ingest anything. Using a transdermal patch is as simple as applying it to your skin and waiting for effects to take place. Keep reading to find out why so many people are choosing to consume their medical cannabis in the form of transdermal patches.

Why Try a THC/CBD Transdermal Patch?

There are numerous advantages to using a cannabis transdermal patch. Patches are discreet and easy to use. They are an excellent way to medicate on-the-go without alerting anybody else to the fact that you are consuming cannabis.

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Transdermal patches also provide timed-release relief. As opposed to other consumption methods that peak quickly and then taper off, a transdermal patch consistently delivers cannabinoids into the bloodstream over a matter of hours. Moreover, if you suddenly decide you don’t want any more cannabinoids, simply tear the patch off and be done with it!

Patches are also reliable and consistent when it comes to dosing. You can trust that a patch will deliver exactly what it says it will, without anything being left out or left over.

How Does a THC or CBD Transdermal Patch Work?

Similar to infused topical lotions and creams, the cannabinoids contained in transdermal patches are absorbed through the skin. The concept of medicated patches has been around for over 40 years and has long been used to treat nicotine addiction, among other things. In the same way that nicotine patches deliver a steady dose of nicotine into the body, cannabis-infused transdermal patches deliver a steady dose of cannabinoids.

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Not all transdermal patches are the same. There are actually two different kinds of patches, matrix patches and reservoir patches. How they differ is in their delivery method. In most matrix patches, cannabinoids are infused into the adhesive itself and are applied directly to the skin. In reservoir patches, the cannabinoids are infused into a gel that is time-released from a reservoir.

Patches can also contain cannabinoids from different kinds of strains. For instance, patches can often be found in indica, sativa, or hybrid varieties.

When your skin’s natural heat activates the patch, cannabinoids begin to spread into the skin. As the cannabinoids are absorbed, they make their way into the bloodstream where they can begin to work. This application method means that cannabinoids are able to bypass any organs that may be able to filter them, like the liver or lungs, allowing for 100% absorption into the body.

Will a THC Transdermal Patch Get You High?

Probably not.

The THC in transdermal patches is absorbed slowly over time, making it difficult to ever get so much at once that you ever feel ‘high’ or ‘buzzed’. Because transdermal patches can’t really get you high, they are an excellent option for those who want to benefit from THC’s medicinal properties, without having to deal with its psychoactive effects. If you are looking for a recreational high, it’s best to avoid patches and stick with the bong.

Where Can You Buy THC/CBD Transdermal Patches?

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Source: I Heart Jane

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