Cannabis Romance: Strain Pairings for Your Favorite Romcoms

When cannabis is added into the mix, romcoms can take on an entirely new quality that heightens their humor and deepens the impact of emotional moments. For those embarking on their next romcom binge, consider accompanying these great movies with some classic cannabis strains.

Strain Pairings to Kick Your Fave Romcoms Up a Notch

500 Days of Summer

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500 Days of Summer was a unique movie upon its release, cataloging the lives of two young professionals as they navigate a complex and tragic romance. The movie is characterized by its unique style and comedy, as the two lovers’ misadventures often comically reflect the troubles of real-life relationships.

Pair with: Purple Punch is a somewhat heavy indica strain that is known for its deep body high that is known to last for hours. While 500 Days of Summer may be considered one of the best recent romcom tearjerkers, with powerful emotional moments that permeate the movie in between its laugh-out-loud humor, it can be hard to stay sad for long when experiencing a Purple Punch high.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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One of the all-time classic romcoms to ever grace theaters, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is known for its iconic performance by Audrey Hepburn. The signature style she conveys throughout the film became a cultural marker for an entire generation, as young women all over the world have sought to emulate her sense of cool.

Pair with: Space Queen, as a hybrid strain, mixes and matches the best qualities of its sativa and indica lineage. As a common strain on the cannabis market, Space Queen appeals to a wide variety of cannabis consumers by instantly relieving anxiety and nerves, creating the ideal mental conditions for relaxing with a movie.

Notting Hill

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Featuring a stunning performance by Julia Roberts, this British romcom hails from the same writer as Four Weddings and a Funeral, another perennial British classic. The chemistry between Roberts and the male lead, Hugh Grant, has been endlessly written about for its electric energy that ultimately earned the film a prestigious BAFTA award.

Pair with: Blue Magoo is another hybrid, descended from the famous DJ Short Blueberry and Willy’s Wonder strains. Those who encounter Blue Magoo are impressed by its bubbly, gregarious high that is capable of inducing uncontrollable laughter and an overall carefree mood.

When Harry Met Sally

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A sleeper hit upon its release, When Harry Met Sally has since become an unavoidable artifact within the American cultural lexicon. Known for its many memorable scenes which lend themselves to quoting among friends, the film is recognized as one of the best examples of the romcom genre, often being cited on lists of the greatest comedies ever.

Pair with: Allen Wrench is a versatile sativa that can be applied to a variety of situations. The strain has a reputation for instilling a happy mindset and promoting creativity, making it the perfect accompaniment to the lighthearted world of When Harry Met Sally.

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