Seattle’s Top Cannabis Products – December 2015


Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, everyone can agree these are SeaTac’s top products for December 2015. Stop by Greenside Recreational today, near SeaTac Airport, and give the gift of green this holiday season!

Harmony Farms

Harmony Farms – Hybrid CO2 Extracted Oil

Harmony Farms produces some of the highest testing CO2 oils on the market. Their exclusive extraction process allows oil to be completely free of hydrocarbons, artificial flavorings and other impurities. Oils can be purchased as pre-loaded oil cartomizer cartridges or as push drop syringes used to dab or refill vape pen cartridges. The strains used in Harmony Farms’ oils vary based on their harvest rotation. We’re especially fond of their hybrid cartridge, a perfect blend of an uplifting mind high and relaxing body high.


Kiona THC – The Wreck

We love Kiona THC’s The Wreck for a nice winter strain. Kiona THC’s goal is to “bring pot back” to it’s former glory and be the farm of choice for cannabis connoisseurs. This farm also grows flavorful strains like Pablo’s Lemon Thai, Blueberry Blast, Monolith and Santa Marta Purple. Click here to view more photos of their grow on Instagram!

Sensi Sweets

Sensi Sweets – Strawberry Lemonade

Sensi Sweets Strawberry Lemonade is one of the best infused beverages on the market. If you’ve sampled these in medical, you know how quickly they kick in — 15 minutes or less!

Unlike some beverages, Sensi Sweets Strawberry Lemonade has such a subtle cannabis flavor it could easily pass for regular lemonade. We like to pair ours with a Taco Tuesday dinner or afternoon stroll around Green Lake.

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