Puff Outside the Box: Strange Ways to Get High

Smoking weed is a whole lot classier than it used to be, what with slick vape pens and pipes designed as accessories to your business attire. But there’s still room for the weird and wonderful, from the hand-carved apple of yesteryear to recent trashtastic innovations, like this bong made out of a sharpie lid and a tic-tac container. Here at your favorite Seattle/Des Moines weed store, we appreciate innovation. So, fresh from your friendly experts at Greenside Recreational, a selection of fantastic creations that will assist you in consuming our fine strains of recreational marijuana:

Snow Bong

This winter was pretty rough, but we found the perfect way to take the edge off: a snowman that doubles as a bong! Amazingly, this bong is made entirely out of snow and requires no other components. As you might imagine, it creates its own water. In seconds your depressing frozen lawn will become a winter wonderland…

Roll Uh Bowl

Ringed by mountains and home to hundreds of pot shops, Seattle is the perfect home for the active stoner. Like most outdoorsy types, the active stoner is not immune to the charms of gear. Well, forget your lightweight tents and folding cook-pots–we’ve found the ultimate camping gear! Roll Uh Bowl is a folding silicone bong that’s unbreakable and can be neatly stowed in your backpack. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

Gas Mask Hookah

Just what it sounds like. Surely one of the most amusing smoking devices ever invented, the gas mask hookah gets points for effectiveness and post-apocalyptic street style.

Liquor Bottle Bong

Celebrate your love for bongs, booze, and craft projects by making this simple yet stylish glass bong.


To maximize your enjoyment of these creative instruments, check out the Greenside menu, and enjoy the best legal weed in Des Moines, Federal Way, and the greater Seattle area. We now offer online ordering!

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