Indestructible Pipes You Can Take Anywhere

Have you ever been in the middle of planning an epic camping weekend, and halfway down your packing list, you realize it’s time to pack up the bong? Glass won’t do—it’s too fragile! Papers are small and lightweight, but rain can ruin that party real fast. And we’ve got plenty of rain in the good ol’ PNW. You need an indestructible pipe.

What do you do? We’ve got a solution for you here at Greenside Recreational, the best pot shop in Des Moines. Aside from cannabis flower, edibles, and vapes, we also carry a wide variety of paraphernalia.  Stop in and browse our selection of Silicone smoking accessories, perfect for the traveling stoner.

For those of you who prefer to window shop, our budtenders have put together a selection of the top 3 (mostly) indestructible accessories that are now available in our store.

Piece Maker Gear – Rasta ‘Kolt’

If this bong doesn’t scream ‘stoner forest hippie,’ I don’t know what does. The Kolt comes complete with a stainless-steel bowl piece and downstem. This is quite the ergonomic device as well, complete with a grip on the base as well as a face-shaped mouthpiece.

Piece Maker Gear – Greenside Recreational Kazili

Simply remove the Greenside Recreational lid to reveal a stainless-steel bowl piece. This is our favorite travel pipe, hands down. It’s small, lightweight, and glows in the dark! This is the perfect pipe to take on your next camping trip. If a stoner smokes weed in the forest, and no cops are around to smell it, is a law even being broken?

American Star – Oil Drum Dab Rig

We couldn’t forget about the 12s! Seahawks fans, rejoice! Relive the glory days of winning the Superbowl with this Seahawk-themed Oil Rig. Stow away your nail inside of the oil drum for safe keeping.


DISCLAIMER: We would never recommend smoking on public land, however; it is legal to smoke on private land. Happy camping!

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