Mimosa Flower Strain Review

What’s brunch without a mimosa? Enter Mimosa Flower (aka Purple Mimosa), the strain that’s here to make sure you start your day off right—without any alcohol. This strain of hybrid weed doesn’t pull punches and yet leaves nothing on the table. Let’s take a deep dive into this strain to see just what makes it so great.

mimosa flower

Mimosa (aka Purple Mimosa) Strain Profile

With its hybrid genetic profile, Mimosa has some pretty balanced effects. You won’t find extreme high-flying sativa notes or low-key indica notes here. Instead, its middle-of-the-road effects make it a perfect strain for cannabis beginners and experts alike. It’s simultaneously uplifting and relaxing, filling you with a euphoric rush but tempered enough to ensure you don’t start feeling any anxiety. It’s also a great strain for imbuing energy and focus. As a result, it’s a great strain to enjoy in the morning, afternoon, or even at night.

Medical cannabis users have reportedly used Mimosa for several issues as well. For one, it may be effective against feelings of anxiety or depression. It also appears to be able to help combat headaches, including migraines. Finally, Mimosa appears to work particularly well at easing stomach problems like nausea.

Mimosa Genetics: Hybrid Weed Strain

Like any other strain, Mimosa gets its effects from its genetic lineage. It’s the result of a cross between Clementine and Purple Punch, making it part of the Tangie family of citrus strains. It boasts a powerful citrus scent, complimented perfectly by its bold purple buds. It also typically has a potent THC level that can easily reach above 25%. While this isn’t as high as some of the mega-strains that top 30%, we think that’s a good thing: it’s one of the factors that makes Mimosa so accessible to many different people.

mimosa flower

Dominant Terpene: Myrcene

It should come as no surprise that Mimosa gets part of its potent citrus taste from the terpene Myrcene. This terp has a particularly unique aroma and taste, combining equal parts sweet, citrus, and funky musk. If you’re looking for some kind of comparison, you can also find this terpene bestowing its scent and taste to mango fruit.

Myrcene doesn’t just carry flavor and aroma, though, and it’s being investigated for its own beneficial effects. Notably, research has shown that it could provide analgesic (pain-killing) and anti-inflammatory properties. It also seems to help reduce anxiety, which may be why Mimosa is reported to soothe stress.

Find Mimosa Flower at Greenside Rec

If you find yourself curious and wanting to try some Mimosa flower or concentrate for yourself, you’re in the right place. Check out the Mimosa products we currently have in stock in our online store. And as always, you can explore our entire menu to shop for your old favorites or to discover new cannabis products. We look forward to serving you!

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