Heady Strains for the KUBE 93 Haunted House

Everyone in the greater Seattle area knows that around Halloween, the best place to get a good scare is at the KUBE 93 Haunted House. So why not pair with the spookiest pot products at Greenside Recreational and get creeped out on cannabis!

This year, the event is being held in the Georgetown Morgue, which was chosen for its “haunting history of death and mystery.” Now, regular morgues are creepy enough, but the unresolved murders of nine staff members, who were trapped in the facility’s crematorium, make the building’s claim to be Seattle’s “most haunted attraction” tough to top.

Check out our top picks for a perfect fright night below.

greenside recreational des moines KUBE 93 haunted house mad mark green river killer

Mad MarkGreen River Killer

The Green River Killer—otherwise known as Gary Leon Ridgway—was convicted of nearly 50 murders, and after the death penalty was taken off the table, he upped his total to around 100 people. This pinene-packed strain has been named after him, for its sleepy effects and earthy top notes.

The Seattle Escape Games are sponsoring the Haunted House, and after a few tokes on this herb it might be hard to escape, as there’s no way you’ll want to run from anything or anyone after smoking this couch-locking indica. Save it for the end, when your thrill-seeking crew can chill and recap the horrors they experienced.

greenside recreational des moines KUBE 93 haunted house rogue raven

Rogue Raven Farms — Widow’s Gift

Greenside’s budtenders say Widow’s Gift by Rogue Raven provides decent bang for the buck, and will leave the user coughing “10 to 15 minutes after the dab.” This butane hash oil extraction is a 50/50 hybrid, which means it should promote equalized body and mind effects. The test results reveal that this particular batch of Widow’s Gift contains over 75% THC—thank goodness it’s a smooth inhale. Warning: dabbing this before the haunted house may make the scenery trippier than it appears.

greenside recreational des moines KUBE 93 haunted house suspended brands sin mint

Suspended Brands — Sin Mint

Even with the sound of roaring chainsaws closing in and an evil clown cackling as he chases your squad, you’ll be able to keep your cool with Suspended Brands’ Sin Mint cured cannabis flower. Every dose of this dank bud promotes dreamy and euphoric effects. On weed like this, you’ll float right through the Morgue, feel the pain of the weeping wenches and moaning zombies, and come out a macabre poet. The only sinful thing about this indica dominant hybrid is how many Rae’s Hell burgers you’ll kill over at Zippy’s after the maze.

greenside recreational des moines KUBE 93 haunted house pure cartridges

PURE Upgrade — Death Star

The extraction experts at PURE are on a mission to blow your mind! Their Death Star wax is pulled using the CO2 extraction method, creating a clean hit that is best enjoyed at lower temperatures to experience all of those sweet and skunky terpenes. Testing at over 80% THC, this batch of Death Star oil is sure to send even the most regular of dabbers to another galaxy; try this to unwind after running from zombies, ghosts and ghouls at the Georgetown Morgue.

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