Greenside Suggests: Cider Summit Seattle

Greenside knows the Great Northwest has long been famous for its fantastic community of craft breweries. And that means our regulars are never further from a full-bodied India Pale Ale, rich chocolate stout, or crisp pilsner than they are from Greenside’s fantastic flower, tasty edibles, or potent extracts.

But even dedicated beer drinkers realize it’s occasionally refreshing to look beyond the barley, hops, and malts for something a tad crisper, like a hard cider. So if you’re looking to expand your palate, it’d be hard to do better than the seventh-annual Cider Summit Seattle! This weekend, over 150 brewers from around the world will converge on the South Lake Union Discovery Center Lawn to give Seattleites a chance to try some of the tastiest ciders on earth.

Now, trivia buffs will know that cider was the most popular drink in the early Americas, but like everything else, the selection has improved quite a bit since the time of the Pilgrims. Apple is obviously the most famous variety, there are versions made with virtually every type of fruit. Pear, cherry, blackberry, peach, and pomegranate ciders all have distinctly delicious flavors, and while they’re great straight, some enterprising mixologists have started working them into cocktails. So while you’re roaming Cider Summit Seattle, be on the lookout for creative concoctions like the Incline Cider Company’s Lemongrass Gin Cider Cocktail, Samuel Smith’s traditional Snake Bite, or high-octane Apple Ginger Snap Cocktail made with J. Seeds’ Apple Cider Whiskey.

To ensure nobody has to explore this cornucopia of cider on an empty stomach, Krave Jerky, Whole Foods and Oregon Fruit Market will provide plenty of food options, and Seattle Humane will even have a dog lounge on site to let any furry friends you bring along kick it in style!

For full details on the Cider Summit Seattle pricing and schedules, head to the official site.  


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