Terpene Profile: Geraniol, a Rich and Floral Powerhouse

If you know us at all, you know that we’re big on terpenes—the fragrant “essential oils” that give various strains of cannabis their distinctive aromas and flavors. If you’ve checked out our posts on caryophyllene, linalool, and other terpenes, you know that they contribute a lot more than just that. As a growing body of research suggests, terpenes contribute a great deal to the cannabis plant’s medicinal qualities.

Today we’re going to turn the spotlight on geraniol, one of the most distinctive and lovely of the cannabis terpenes, if we do say so ourselves. Geraniol occurs all over the natural world. In addition to contributing to the characteristic aroma of the geranium flower, geraniol lends intriguing and powerful medical effects to our bodies and our minds.

Gerniol Cannabis

Geraniol: A Distinctive Player in the Symphony of Cannabis

Found all over the natural world, geraniol is most associated with the geranium—an unusual, vaguely citrusey flower that’s often noted for its insect-repelling qualities. It turns out that geraniol is present in seemingly boundless aspects of nature: roses, citrus peel, blueberries, carrots, and cannabis, among other plants. It’s even produced by honey bees, who use it to mark pollen-producing fruits and to define their territories and guard against rival colonies.

Like many other terpenes, geraniol finds its way into cosmetics and soaps, and it’s used as an all-natural flavoring in sweet treats such as ice cream. Many people describe its scent as intriguingly floral, with sweet notes of citrus and fresh-cut fruit. If you’ve ever smelled citronella—a natural compound found in lemongrass, that is a great example of geraniol’s characteristic scent.

Gerniol Terpene Medical effects

Geraniol: Intriguing Medical Possibilities

As we’ve noted in our other posts about cannabis-derived terpenes, many of them help out to aid our body’s natural responses to injury and pain. As a 2016 study demonstrated, geraniol can function as an anti-inflammatory. Another paper published the preceding year found that geraniol can help inhibit fibrosis, a painful condition in which tissues become fibrous and scarred due to injury.

Like other cannabis terpenes, geraniol’s medical uses extend into the realms of fighting bacteria and fungi. One study found that geraniol helped kill no fewer than 18 types of harmful bacteria and 12 varieties of fungi.

Gerniol Cannabis Terpene

Where Can You Get Geraniol from Cannabis?

Fortunately, geraniol is relatively easy to find in cannabis. Geraniol can be found in a wide variety of cannanbis strains, so you’re sure to discover a geraniol-rich strain that suits your mood or therapeutic needs. If you’d like to experience the many potentially beneficial effects of the terpene yourself, we even know where to find it! Be sure to check availability first, as our live menu is constantly updating.

Purple Punch: Potent and sleepy, some call this strain a great “dessert” for its delicious, citrus-tinged flavor. Fans love it for busting stress, aches, and insomnia.

Black Cherry Soda: Once you try this delight, it’ll be no surprise how this strain got its name, what with its fruity and candy-like aroma and unusually dark coloration. Uplifting and social, it’s known for a smooth body high that melts away stress while still allowing you to function and groove.

Amnesia Haze: As the name suggests, this strain can inspire serious forgetfulness! It’s also notably euphoric, happy, and uplifting for many folks who are seeking a strain for kicking back and relaxing.

Do you have further questions about geraniol or any other cannabis terpenes? Reach out! We’d love to hear from you.

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