Things to Do When High: Des Moines Local Guide for Stoners

things to do when high

Despite having a modest population of approximately 30,000, Des Moines is strategically located on beautiful Puget Sound nearly equidistant between Seattle and Tacoma, Des Moines offers no shortage of activities for stoners or things to do when high. 

While Des Moines has plenty of stoner activities on its own, it’s also located right next to Kent to the East, Federal Way to the South, Normandy Park to the Northwest, and SeaTac to the Northeast. SeaTac, the primary hub, and airport of the Pacific Northwest is located just two miles north of Des Moines.

We’ve put together the guide below on fun things you can do in the immediate Des Moines area. Of course, the cities of Seattle and Tacoma are close by as well, so if you can’t find anything you’d like to do in the Des Moines area, you can always head north to Seattle or south to Tacoma for more options.

Planning: Things to Do Before You Get High

  1. Create a Plan: Work out everything you want to do before you get high
  • What dispensary will you go to? 
  • What types of cannabis products do you need?
  • Where will you get high?  At home, at a friend’s house, or the ‘secret spot’?
  • Plan your transportation: Designated driver, bike, public transport, Lyft?
  1. Gather all your necessary gear
  • Pipe or vape
  • Lighter
  • Munchies
  • Cash (for munchies, transportation, or more weed)
  • Water

1. Things to Do When High: Enjoy the Great Outdoors

It’s no secret, the Pacific Northwest is known for its natural beauty.

Saltwater State Park

things to do when high

Address & Directions
Area: 87 acres
Hours: 8 am – 8 pm daily
Phone: (253) 661-4956

Saltwater State Park is one of the most popular outdoor spots in Des Moines. Located on 87.4 acres at Puget Sound, Saltwater offers a sandy beach getaway. The park has an underwater artificial reef on Puget Sound. It’s also one of Washington’s most popular state parks. Predictably, it gets pretty busy on those cherished warm summer days, but you can’t beat the experience!

The amenities & activities include:

  • campground (47 campsites)
  • restrooms
  • hiking trail
  • diving
  • fishing
  • picnic areas (sheltered and unsheltered)
  • amphitheater
  • fire circles
  • horseshoe pit
  • volleyball fields
  • boating (2 boat moorages)

Angle Lake Park

Image Source: Yelp

Address: 19408 International Blvd, SeaTac, WA 98188
Area: 10 acres
Phone: (206) 973-4680

Angle Lake Park is the perfect spot to chill in the Summer. A 10-acre lakefront park, you can enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, and chilling. There’s a lot of green space, plus a water spray park.

The amenities & activities include:

  • boat launch
  • fishing
  • open recreation area
  • water spray park
  • stage
  • picnic shelters/barbecue areas
  • restrooms
  • swimming (No lifeguards on duty.)
  • playground equipment
  • parking
  • nature trail (under construction)

Dash Point State Park

things to do when high
Image Source: Yelp

Address & Directions
Area: 398 acres
Phone: (253) 661-4955

Dash Point State Park is a 398-acre Washington state park on Puget Sound with plenty of forested hiking and biking trails. Most people, however, come for the beach.

The amenities and activities include:

  • campground (114 standard campsites)
  • restrooms
  • hiking trail
  • boating: canoeing & kayaking
  • picnicking (2 sheltered areas and 20 unsheltered tables)
  • biking trails (8 miles)
  • hiking trails (11 miles)
  • swimming & swim boarding
  • amphitheater


2. Things to Do When High: Eat! Get Your Munch On!

Here are some great cheap restaurants…

Cheap Eats: Independently Owned

Oceanside Banh Mi

Type: Vietnamese

things to do when high
Image Source: Yelp

Address & Directions
Phone: (206) 429-2791

What a find! Awesome and cheap Vietnamese food that will satisfy your munchies quickly. Try their cupcakes, Vietnamese sandwiches or bubble tea coffee.

Des Moines Doghouse

Type: Hot Dogs

things to do when high
Image Source: Yelp

Address & Directions
Phone: (206) 824-1794

Grab a dog at the Des Moine Doghouse, where you’ll find plenty of options beyond the standard pork and beef fare. Doghouse also offers options for vegetarians and chicken lover. Some local favorites include the habanero chicken dog, the Seattle Dog, or the Chicago Dog. You’ll also find plenty of options for toppings and condiments, including 10+ mustard options.

Don Gregorio’s Taco Truck

Type: Food Trucks, Mexican

Don Gregorio
Image Source: Yelp 

Address: 22307 Dock Ave., Des Moines, WA 98198, between 227th St & S 6th Ave
Phone: (253) 886-0043

One of the best food trucks around. Don Gregorio’s is one of the best places to get your munch on. You’ll satisfy your fix for tasty Mexican with great grub and incredibly cheap prices. The tacos don’t disappoint!

Cheap Eats: Chain Restaurants

Like just about every town, Des Moines has a McDonald’s, Subway, Jack in the Box, KFC, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s. But as far as chains go, here are three of the more tasty options…



Type: Diner, 24-Hour Breakfast

Address & Directions
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: (206) 592-5928

IHOP needs no introduction. Open 24 hours, IHOP is a stoner’s essential. They serve a variety of conventional American breakfast and dinner options but enjoy some of their fan favorites like the French crepes with Nutella.

Taco Time

Type: Mexican

Address & Directions
Phone: (206) 824-2772

A Mexican chain that started more than 50 years ago, Taco Time offers plenty of tasty options, from crispy tacos to chicken habanero burritos. Taco Time is definitely one of the better chain restaurants.

Longtime Mexican fast-food chain serving tacos, crisp burritos & kids’ meals in simple surrounds.

Red Robin

Type: Burgers

Address & Directions
Phone: (206) 824-2214
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Red Robin is another chain that consistently offers great grub. Try one of their gourmet burgers. They’ve got a great selection including their Whiskey River BBQ, Bleu Ribbon, Guacamole Bacon, and Prime Chophouse.

Cheap Eats: Dessert

Mini The Dough-Nut
Type: Donuts, Food Trucks

Image Source: Yelp

Address & Directions
Phone: (855) 664-3688

If you’re serious about donuts, Mini The Dough-Nut was made for you. You’ll find the Northwest’s freshest and tastiest doughnuts here. Great for munchies! And you will love the donut names, here’s a sampling: Donut Judge Me, Donut Be Ashy, Donut Be Mad Bro. 


3. Things To Do When High: Gamble

Great American Casino Des Moines

things to do when high

Address & Directions
Happy Hour: 5 pm – 8 pm
Hours: 5 pm – 5 am daily
Phone: (253) 263-880

The Great American Casino may not rival Las Vegas casinos, but it’s still a heck of a lot of fun. One of the best things about this casino is that you don’t have to break the bank to have fun, as they offer a $5 Gaming Happy Hour where minimum bets are just $5 on ALL games (on the main floor — not valid on high limit and VIP games). 

Table Games include:

  • Baccarat
  • Fortune Pai Gow
  • Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Blackjack


4. Things to Do When High: Go to the Aquarium

MaST Center Aquarium

Address & Directions
Phone: (206) 592-4000

According to their website, the Aquarium at the MaST Center holds over 3,000 gallons of water in various tanks. It features 2 large touch tanks, 2 Octopus tanks, various Jellyfish life-stage tanks, a schooling fish tank, and more. In all, the aquarium houses over 250 species of marine creatures, all native to the Puget Sound and surrounding waters.


5. Things To Do When High: Create Your Own Adventure

Laser Quest

things to do when high

Address & Directions
Phone: (253) 946-450

Laser Quest is great for parties. You’ll find classic tag and hide-and-seek games with a laser twist. Check out the Key Quest Escape Room where you’ll find live action in a themed mystery room. You can solve various puzzles using logic and teamwork. A great spot for birthday parties with a twist. The swirling fog and pumping music make it a great stoney choice.

Acme Bowling, Billiards, and Events

things to do when high
Image Source: Yelp

Address & Directions
Phone: (206) 340-2263

Not just another run down and dirty bowling alley, Acme is one of the coolest and most modern bowling alleys in the Seattle area. After some bowling, you can also play pool and grab some grub.

Sykart Indoor Racing Center

things to do when high
Image Source: Sykart Indoor Racing

Address & Directions
Phone: (425) 251-5060

Zip around the track for a killer adrenaline boost! They even offer endurance racing and a driving school.

For a small town, Des Moines has a lot to offer for the 420 crowd. You can take in the beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery during the day and visit one of the local cheap eateries after to satisfy your munchies. After your appetite has been satisfied you can indulge yourself in any number of leisure or physical activities. From gambling to go-kart racing and everything in between.

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