St. Patty’s Day Tradition: Smoke Weed, Watch Leprechaun

Wondering what to do with your St.Patty’s Day besides knocking back pint after pint of questionable green swill? Our suggestion is to save yourself the hangover, and leave the booze behind. Start a new St.Patty’s Day tradition by packing a big green bowl of your favorite weed from Greenside Seattle/Des Moines and grabbing a delicious pizza pie at Via Marina before plopping down on the couch to watch Leprechaun while you spark up!

Leprechaun (1993) This is without a doubt one of the premier St.Patty’s day films ever made. Starring Warwick Davis of Willow fame and Jennifer Aniston in her first film, Leprechaun is something of a horror/comedy! The film tells the story of a murderous leprechaun (Davis) trying to retrieve his lost gold. Basically a guy goes back to his native Ireland and steals a pot of gold from a leprechaun. Understandably, the leprechaun is filled with murderous rage and follows the man back to his home in North Dakota, where during a brutal fight to the finish, the man manages to magically entombed the leprechaun in a crate by placing a four leafed clover on top of it after trapping the leprechaun inside.

Unfortunately, the strain of the battle causes the man to suffer a debilitating stroke. Fast forward ten years, and some people rent the old house. During the renovation the leprechaun is accidentally freed, which of course can only mean one thing: murderous hilarity ensures. Will the hapless humans be able seal away the leprechaun forever? How many more will have to die? Only one way to find out — grab your favorite movie watching marijuana strain from Greenside/Seattle Des Moines and watch Leprechaun this St.Patty’s Day.

The first movie might not be for everyone, might not be for everyone, but that’s OK because there’s like seven of them to choose from. Really! Don’t like the original? Jump ahead to 1994’s horrifying sequel: Leprechaun 2. Again starring Davis as the titular evil Leprechaun, this time the story is set in Los Angeles where the leprechaun tries to marry a girl. No kidding! Later on he gets hammered at a bar and kills a waiter.

Don’t wanna spoil it for you though! Leprechaun 2 didn’t do nearly as well as the original, but don’t let that deter you from giving it a chance. After Leprechaun 2’s barely break even performance, the franchise went straight-to-video with the 1995 release of Leprechaun 3. We’re not gonna lie, we’ve got no idea what this one is about, but it was the highest selling direct-to-video release of that year! Perhaps it was this unexpected success that spurred the franchise to aim a little higher…

Phew, we’re getting pretty deep in Leprechaun territory now, got enough weed? We’re gonna go deeper man. Trust me, you’ll wanna drop in to Greenside Seattle/Des Moines to peruse our enormous selection of recreational marijuana products and to stock up on all your favorites before trying to take on the Leprechaun… In 1997, the series took us to the stars with the horror/comedy/sci fi offering Leprechaun 4: In Space. This might actually be the one to get really good and stoned for. We won’t ruin this gem for you, except to say that it takes place in space and that the Leprechaun hides out and later emerges from some guy’s penis. I’m not kidding.

Despite Leprechaun 4, the franchise came back big in 2000 with Ice-T in Leprechaun in the Hood. This time the Leprechaun’s magic flute has been stolen, and he’s driven to kill until he gets it back. The movie either did good enough or bad enough to conjure up yet another direct to video sequel with 2003’s Leprechaun: Back to tha Hood. This release was (as of this writing) Warwick Davis’s final go around as everybody’s favorite homicidal leprechaun. The film certainly garnered some notice, Entertainment Weekly had this high praise for the film “If a movie could spark a race riot, this is it.”

In Back to tha Hood, the leprechaun is wantonly killing over his gold once more. There’s lots of guns, violence and someone gets impaled by a bong. If that’s not enough to see it, we don’t know what is. Sadly though it wasn’t enough to keep the series going until over a decade later with the limited theatrical release of Leprechaun: Origin in 2014. This film was the work of WWE Studios (Yep, wrestlers) and features WWE superstar Hornswaggle as the evil Leprechaun. This time the story is set in Ireland, where some former mining village has a deal going with the local bloodthirsty leprechaun. The deal it seems, is that the leprechaun will spare the townsfolk in exchange for an annual pair of hapless travelers. I guess rather than just move, the townsfolk would rather kidnap and sacrifice human beings. Whatever, who am I to judge?

The film was heavily panned as cliché and unoriginal. Critics are not in love with Origin, but poor reception hasn’t stopped the Leprechaun train yet. If history is any indicator, it’s only a matter of time until the Leprechaun is on a wild killing spree in an inner city neighborhood on some planet far, far away… or maybe in the old West, they haven’t done that yet. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Don’t forget to visit Greenside Seattle/Des Moines before delving into this genre defining franchise. You’ll probably need a steady supply of weed on hand if you intend to go the distance. Keep the phone nearby to order more food as needed. It could be a long St.Patty’s day…

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