Stoke Your Inner Fire: Favorite Seattle Mexican Restaurants

If there’s ever been a time to indulge in taco therapy, this is it! If the months of isolation have left your tastebuds flabby and out of practice, summer is the time to liven things up with the bold, fiery, and in-your-face flavors of Mexico. Fortunately, Seattle Mexican restaurants are second to none. Whether you’re venturing out for some distant dining or keeping it close to home with takeout, this list of a few of our favorite eateries will keep you well-fed and happy.

Greenside Recreational’s Favorite Seattle Mexican Restaurants

Fogón Cocina Mexicana

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Source: Yelp via Liane L.

600 E Pine St
Seattle, WA 98122, USA
+1 206-320-7777

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This well-loved family restaurant traces its roots back to Michoacan, a state on Mexico’s West Coast that bills itself as “The Soul of Mexico.” There’s plenty of soul to be found in the flavorful food on offer, like fluffy corn tamales stuffed with green-chile pork or vegetables, or the addictively simple housemade tortillas. If you choose to dine in (as of August 2020 the restaurant was operating at 25% capacity), don’t miss out on the fabulous collection of mezcals and tequilas, including housemade chili-infused offerings.

El Camion

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Various locations around Seattle
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Even competent Mexican food can humdrum, but when it’s this fresh it never gets old. Staying true to their roots as a single food cart, El Camion now operates a fleet around the city (and a sit-down restaurant at the Hale’s Brewery). Don’t look for surprises here, but revel in the deliciousness of expertly prepared favorites: Full-to-bursting enchiladas, hot and flavorful tacos, and squishy tortas. They’re all served with an attention to detail and flavor that can be lacking at lesser taco sources.

Carmelos Tacos

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Source: Yelp via Jacques I.

110 Summit Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102, USA
+1 206-659-0159

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Not much to see at this tiny counter inside Hillcrest Market, but that was never the point. The whiteboard only lists a few options each day, but one thing’s for certain: You’re about to have some of the best tacos of your life. The proprietors—the Gaspar family—come from just south of Mexico City, and they serve up their own recipes: Complex carne asada, hot pickled vegetables, and most notably, a standout al pastor that begins with marinating pork in several types of chilies, pineapple juice, and spices. The shop now offers delivery if you want to skip the line.

Tacos Chukis

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Source: Yelp via Christina C.

219 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102, USA

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Another Seattle Mexican restaurant the proves less is more, this no-frills taco slinger—make that several slingers, as there are other locations around Seattle—cooks up simple, freshly made and utterly memorable tacos and other Mexican specialties. The tacos are street-sized, meaning you’ll want to order extra. But when they’re as good as Chukis’ adobo-marinated chicken and pork adobada (a cousin of al pastor), you’d be foolish not to!

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