Buzzy Buds: The Most Popular Seattle Cannabis Strains

The city of Seattle has become a hub of American cannabis culture, owing to Washington’s status as one of the first states in the country to legalize cannabis for recreational use. With cutting-edge cannabis growers abounding across Washington, Seattle is flush with so many potent, quality products that consumers are often overwhelmed by the choices available to them. We’ve hand-picked some of the most popular Seattle cannabis strains to make your next cannabis retail experience as simple as possible.

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Dutch Treat

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Source: Leafly

As one of the most renowned hybrid strains currently on the market, Dutch Treat has staked its reputation on offering consumers a smooth, easy smoke that packs a vibrant cerebral high. The fruity flavor of this delicious strain does justice to its name, making this an ideal selection to dazzle any kickback or gathering of friends.

Some batches of Dutch Treat testing at over 19% THC, so even experienced cannabis users will find themselves melting into the strain’s euphoric psychoactive effects. Beyond its appealing flavor, Dutch Treat is capable of creating a happy and carefree state of mind that lasts for hours, lending life to even the most mundane of activities.

Wedding Cake

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Source: CannaMaps

A staple of Seattle cannabis, Wedding Cake has become one of the first options for lovers of indica-dominant strains. The heavy body high instigated by Wedding Cake makes a perfect complement to lazy days indoors and binge-watching on the couch, with batches testing at above 21% on average.

Possessing a lineage that combines the scintillating Cherry Pie with the world-famous Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake is also noted for its appetizing scent that recalls hints of pepper and citrus. Its smoke tastes equally delectable, prompting consumers to return for more when their supply of Wedding Cake is running low.

Blue Cookies

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Source: Weed Advisor

Blue Cookies is another strain that owes its parentage to Girl Scout Cookies. However, this indica-dominant hybrid also draws qualities from Blueberry, a first-class strain that has become a permanent fixture of cannabis culture. Known for its fast-acting, uplifting high that puts the mind in a light and airy mood, Blue Cookies is the ideal companion for combatting stress or depression.

In the world of Seattle cannabis, Blue Cookies is a popular option for consumers seeking a reliable, high-quality strain that will impress every time. Those who suffer from chronic aches or discomfort may also consider making Blue Cookies their next purchase, as its potent body high is exceedingly effective at melting away pain.


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Source: Leafly

With a name that is reflective of its scent and flavor, Mango has become a go-to solution for cannabis consumers in search of a unique strain to show off or share with others. Mango’s fun and fruity persona is deceiving, however, as this pure indica strain is capable of delivering a powerful high.

Mango’s history stretches back all the way to the 1960s, meaning this strain has been a fixture of Seattle cannabis for decades. Over time, the Mango strain has been modified and crossbred with other cannabis to create the familiar version that graces dispensary shelves across the city.

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