Majestic Sights: The Best Seattle Bike Trails

The city of Seattle is one of the friendliest for bicyclists in America, with an urban layout that is designed for transportation without the use of motor vehicles. However, getting acquainted with the city’s bicycle scene might be a complicated prospect for new or inexperienced cyclists. For the budding bicycle enthusiast searching for the best paths around the city, these are the best Seattle bike trails to explore and travel.

4 Seattle Bike Trails to Test Out

Burke-Gilman Trail

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One of the best known Seattle bike trails, the Burke-Gilman Trail extends a length of over 20 miles, taking you through some of the city’s iconic neighborhoods like Fremont. While the trail is somewhat roundabout, sections serve as a quaint way to get around certain areas of Seattle, and Burke-Gilman’s eastern portion is a majestic ride that tacks close to the side of Lake Washington.

The Burke-Gilman trail is an inspired way to spend a weekend, but at times this bike path can become quite crowded. Planning your adventures accordingly may be recommended to avoid an overwhelming amount of traffic, or simply to experience the trail at a time that is ideal for tranquility and contemplation.

Seattle Waterfront Trails

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Source: Fitt

While there is no singular trail that covers the entirety of Seattle’s Puget Sound shore, there are multiple Seattle Waterfront Trails that may be traversed together in order to get a hearty dose of the waterfront during your bicycle excursion. From the Smith Cove Trail to Elliot Bay, the waterfront features enough track to satisfy any craving for seaside views.

Apart from the Puget Sound, these trails will also lead you near some of the city’s signature landmarks and destinations. Though the Space Needle may not be far from the Elliot Bay Trail, the path runs through the Olympic Sculpture Park and cuts into Myrtle Edwards and Centennial Parks as well.

Lake Washington Loop

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Source: Bike Dreams

For those in search of waterside sights outside of the Puget Sound region, the Lake Washington Loop offers one of the best Seattle bike trails that is often overlooked in favor of others. The Lake Washington Loop has two separate halves to travel, covering the northern and southern portions of the lake’s shore respectively.

Even though the trail is bisected, the full length can still be ridden by experienced bicyclists. However, the southern half is perhaps the most popular, owing to the multitude of parks and other natural settings that dot its path.

Chief Sealth Trail

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Source: King County Parks

The Chief Sealth Trail runs through the south part of the city, providing residents of this region with a Seattle bike trail that is well-suited for them. Chief Sealth Trail was designated as such in honor of Chief Sealth, the Native American leader whom the city of Seattle itself is named after.

Crossing through the Beacon Hill neighborhood into New Holly and the Rainier Valley, the Chief Sealth Trail is a commuting opportunity for any who have work along the path. With outlets for public transit present at nearby locations throughout, residents should research the ways in which the Chief Sealth Trail may be able to help them get to and from their place of employment.

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