Cannabis Convenience: Explore Strains with These Prerolls

Prerolls are convenient, and they’re a great way to try a variety of strains without completely emptying out your wallet. They’re perfect for hosting a cannabis tasting (though we don’t recommend sharing joints) and because there are so many different strains available, they’re just plain fun.

So why not try a few new strains this week? Here are some prerolls you can grab at our Des Moines dispensary. Check out our online menu to see what’s in stock today!


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Dutchberry is a legendary hybrid strain that has developed a reputation over the years for the happy, uplifting quality of its full-bodied high. The strain utilizes a rich lineage extending back to the famous Dutch Treat, an indica-dominant hybrid that originates in the coastal states of America’s Northwest.

Like its parentage, Dutchberry has become popular around the world. Cannabis users who encounter the unique hybrid are guaranteed to be impressed by its shimmering, sticky buds and an invigorating, earthy scent that recalls hints of citrus. The overall pleasant nature of a Dutchberry smoke session is often enough for consumers to return for repeat purchases.

Cookies and Cream

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This truly distinguished hybrid is similar to Dutchberry in the quality of its constituent strains. Starfighter forms the backbone of any Cookies and Cream batch, lending it potent indica effects that are capable of reducing stress and promoting a long, restful sleep.

Cookies and Cream is an ideal choice among prerolls to purchase, as the strain is bound to make an excellent first impression with small groups of friends or any gathering of cannabis enthusiasts. Owing to its status as a Cannabis Cup winner, Cookies and Cream is recognized within the wider cannabis community as a fairly prestigious strain.

Grape Ape

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A dazzling indica strain, Grape Ape has a fitting name that is representative of the deep, purple hues of its flower and a flavor that many cannabis users aliken to actual grapes. Grape Ape is a common buy among purchasers of prerolls, as the strain can be found almost anywhere and possesses versatility in the alleviation of pain, stress, nausea, and other ailments.

DJ Short Blueberry

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DJ Short Blueberry is actually one parent of Dutchberry, imbuing the strain with its powers of relaxation. However, the classic indica has drawn ample praise of its own over the years, as DJ Short Blueberry is seen as a staple of cannabis culture. The genetics of DJ Short Blueberry have found their way into some of the most well-known strains on the modern cannabis market.

Those who come into contact with DJ Short Blueberry will instantly understand the reasons for its historical hype. Chronic aches and pains instantly melt away after a few puffs of its berry-flavored smoke, leaving the entire body in a euphoric state of being. The strain’s scent is considered to be a bright spot as well, evoking a rich and fruity aroma.

You can grab these convenient prerolls and more at our Des Moines dispensary. Place your order online now!

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