Vendor Spotlight: Journeyman

With Washington dispensary shelves carrying more options for cannabis consumers than ever before, it can be difficult to find quality products among a sea of pretenders. However, there are a wide variety of brands on the market that pride themselves in their reputation for using only the cleanest, purest and most potent materials in their production process. Journeyman is one such brand, a gourmet manufacturer of cannabis edibles that has staked out a flavorful niche in the cannabis industry, crafting unique and intriguing confections that keep customers coming back for repeated purchases.

What is Journeyman?

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Journeyman is an edible cannabis merchant that takes full advantage of the joyous environment that recreational legalization has brought to the state of Washington. With a line of innovative edibles that stretch the imagination, Journeyman has carved out a brand synonymous with fun, making their products ideal for small get-togethers or cannabis parties.

Operating in the state of Washington since 2017, Journeyman abides by a commitment to quality at all levels of their business. While their facility in Seattle is staffed by “friendly, mellow humans” that work to a “nonstop soundtrack of eclectic music”, Journeyman was inspired by a passion for cannabis that extends to every step of the edible manufacturing process.

This appreciation for quality does not just apply to crafting the edibles themselves, though. Journeyman has also established deep ties with an assortment of Washington’s finest cannabis farms, which grow the ingredients needed to make every batch of Journeyman edibles as clean and potent as possible. In order to maintain their quality and purity standard, Journeyman staff visit the farms they cooperate with multiple times throughout the year.

Signature Journeyman Products

Edibles from Journeyman are renowned for their conceptual ingenuity. Their most famous product is perhaps their signature Couch Potatoes, chocolate covered potato chips that clock in at a heavy 100mg THC per bag. Merely a few of these delightful treats can have one emulating the name of the bag for hours, as the salty, milk chocolate taste begins to melt away into a powerful body high.

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Journeyman also offers Weed Tarts, fruit-flavored sour wafers that take care not to sacrifice flavor in service of maintaining potency. Each tart is reminiscent of classic sour candy, and their small size and inconspicuous appearance make them ideal for discrete use. Like most Journeyman products, each bag contains 100mg THC, so just one or even half a tart can produce scintillating sensations.

Where to Find Journeyman Products

Journeyman products can now be found at over 200 licensed cannabis dispensaries across Washington, making their edibles some of the most accessible in the state. Though the company will likely expand beyond the state of Washington once a more liberal legalization environment makes expansion possible, for now, the company only operates within state borders.

Want to get your hands on some delectable Journeyman products? Ready to experiment with tasty treats? Stop by your favorite Des Moines dispensary or place your order online!

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