Surprising Study Reveals The Health Benefits of Vaping vs Smoking

At many dispensaries across America, the most popular cannabis product sold is still flower. By and large, cannabis consumers prefer to smoke their marijuana in a traditional pipe or bong. However, recent studies have found that other methods of ingesting cannabis can be far more effective than simply igniting bud in a bowl.

The Health Benefits of Vaping vs Smoking

Research has shown that vaping cannabis has the potential to instigate more potent analgesic effects than merely smoking cannabis. This discovery may change the way the cannabis industry thinks about vaping, as well as the way the industry discusses the health benefits of vaping vs smoking.

health benefits of vaping vs smoking vape cartridges

With greater potency, vaping could become an ideal alternative to traditional forms of cannabis, used by patients with severe discomfort who require a more powerful medicine. While vape smoke is not necessarily healthier than cannabis smoke, the effects of vaping could assist in relieving pain and promoting wellbeing in those who desperately need an effective sedative.

Does Vaping Get You Higher Than Smoking?

According to a recent study from the Johns Hopkins Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit in Baltimore, participants given equal dosages of smoked and vaped cannabis reported feeling higher after vaping by substantial margins. In addition, those who vaped cannabis ended up making double the amount of mistakes on mental tests given to them afterward.

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The study definitively concluded that vaping is more effective than smoking at producing a cannabis high. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the cannabis administered to these patients was relatively weak compared to many products that exist on the market, and the strength of cannabis varies from product to product. Some cannabis flower could be much stronger than certain vape cartridges.

The results do suggest that cannabis consumers should take into account the potential of vaping to maximize the efficiency of their purchase. While cartridges may have been uncommon at dispensaries in the past, their presence is abundant in states that have legalized recreational cannabis across America, such as Washington, Oregon, California, and Colorado.

Best Practices for Cannabis Vaping

When vaping cannabis, the approach to dosage is roughly the same as one would approach any other cannabis product. Keeping in mind that vaping cannabis can be almost twice as strong as smoking it, an individual should vape a small amount first, then progressively vape more to their satisfaction.

health benefits of vaping vs smoking cartridges

There are many different means of vaping cannabis. While many vape enthusiasts prefer to use their own vaping rigs, which can be purchased online from dedicated sellers, most dispensaries offer disposable vapes that are ideal for those looking to experiment with vaping or for casual consumers of cannabis.

For patients looking for the best vaping experience possible, ample research should be undertaken to ensure that your equipment offers efficiency to take advantage of the health benefits of vaping vs smoking. Though expensive higher-end equipment can offer unique quality, there are many mid-priced solutions that can invoke stunning highs.

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