Greenside’s Favorite Stoner Comedians – National Humor Month

It’s National Humor Month, so queue up your favorite comedy specials! But first, head to Greenside in Seattle or Des Moines for the weed supplies you’ll need for heading down the YouTube rabbit of hole of favorite stoner comedians. You can even order everything you need online for same-day pick up!

Best weed strains for watching comedy:

NY Pineapple Diesel – 20.4% THC, 0.7%CBD – starts at $50 for 3.5g

This is the strain for an uplifting, giddy high plus a bit of euphoria. This Diesel will give you a serious case of the giggles.

Chemdawg – 24.6% THC, 0.4% CBD – starts at $7 for 1g

Perfect for chilling with friends or at a comedy show – Chemdawg produces serious attacks of laughter, almost everything is funny as hell.

Mango Haze – 21.4% THC, 0.2% CBD – starts at $45 for 3.5g

This strain is great for a night of socializing. It starts with a sweet mango flavor and ends with the giggles.

Check out Greenside’s complete online menu for more of the top strains of weed, dabbing weed, concentrate, shatter wax and edibles. And check our website for daily and weekly specials.

Our favorite stoner comedians:

For a timeless classic, watch George Carlin’s infamous “Hippy Dippy Weatherman” and then just keep clicking on everything Carlin has on YouTube.

Watch infamous stoners, Sarah Silverman and Jonah Hill, trade barbs at a roast of James Franco.

With a new special out on Netflix, Dave Chappelle is a stoner high on our list…pun intended. Check out who he will and won’t smoke weed with, and then watch the trailer for his new Netflix special.

Bill Maher is a long-time supporter of legal weed – watch him get high on his show with Killer Mike and Margaret Cho, and rant about why marijuana should be legal everywhere.

Need some outside time after spending hours watching videos? Head out for a hike on the Des Moines Creek Trail.

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