Essential Accessories for Every Weed Smoker

Essentials for Weed Smokers

If you’re a serious smoker you know your sativas versus indicas. You can talk terpenes, trichomes and THC until you’re blue in the face. You wake, bake, workout then dominate the day. Most importantly, you own these four essentials for every cannabis consumer.

1. Zig-Zag Rolling PapersIf you smoke weed, you know pipes aren’t always practical. Sometimes you’ve got to roll a joint on the go. We love the iconic Zig-Zags when rolling our finest flower. These papers have a thin glue seal derived from the African acacia tree’s sap, to provide a perfect seal without impacting the taste of your smoke. There’s a reason Zig-Zag has been around for over 130 years. Invest in this smoking essential, and click here to watch how to roll cone joints!

2. Grinders: We have an assortment of plastic, RAW and metal grinders. Our best seller is this stainless steel grinder with six chambers, a kief  catcher and scooper. If you’re a steady smoker, grinders are a must. Not only will your joint, blunt or bowl burn more evenly, but over time you’ll save weed with the kief catcher. Our stainless steel grinder retails for $25, and is worth every penny. Speaking of pennies, here’s how you can use one to increase the amount of kief in your grinder.

3. RAW Hemp Wick: We love the environment, which is why we love RAW’s hemp wicks. This natural alternative to butane lighters is made from beeswax and hemp — two renewable sources. RAW’s hemp wicks are easy to use. Simply light the end and tilt the wick up or down to control the flame.

4. EZ Pipe: Remember what we just said about pipes? Well sometimes you can’t smoke without one. Have you ever tried rolling a joint in a mosh pit or on the chair lift? It’s impossible. EZ Pipe’s discreet, all-in-one pipe and lighter combo is the perfect one-hitter for your paraphernalia collection. This pipe is virtually smokeless so you don’t have to worry about plumes of smoke blowing your cover. EZ Pipe’s bowl is fully enclosed so burning herb stops the minute you do. Best of all, the bowl cover means no resin left behind in your jeans or purse. EZ Pipe retails for $14.99 to $21.99 depending on the model and style.

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