Greenside’s Employee of the Month: David

Greenside’s Employee of the Month for May is David! To celebrate, we asked him to take our Stoner Survey.
Employee of the Month David
What is your favorite word for weed?


Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Absolutely love getting slapped in the face by a really heavy indica!
Would you rather smoke solo, in a large group or at a party?
Love smoking with close friends
Where would your dream sesh take place?
What is your favorite stoned activity?
Mixing music and playing video games
How do you like to consume cannabis?
Ground up and in my bong 🙂
What is your favorite strain?
Blackberry Kush
What do you want to learn more about in relation to weed?
Everything I can
What is your favorite Greenside product?
G Stiks
What is your favorite part of being a budtender?
Working with the customers and my employees

Queen Anne location is coming soon!