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Doc Croc is an indoor recreational cannabis farm located in Olympia, WA. They are a hydroponic grow with over 40 strains available in Washington i502 retail stores. Also, some of their best known strains include Pineapple Chunk, Green Love Potion, MK Ultra and Skunk #1.

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Doc Croc specializes in cannabis oil concentrates, which includes, BHO extraction using a closed loop Terpp extractor. However, in this extraction process, we utilize super cold temperatures to fully de-wax our cannabis oil products. Furthermore, this allows for the removing of fats & lipids for desirable color, clarity and stability of the final product. After extraction our oils are purged in vacuum ovens for three days.

None the less, concentrates are independently tested, and must pass strict residual solvent levels prior to sale. Doc Croc strives to give the consumer a pleasant & reliable experience. We make quality Shatter, Wax & Activated Dab Oil. 75-99% (total cannabinoids) with amazing terpene profiles.


Doc Croc

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Doc Croc grows in a hybrid hydroponic system, furthermore,  a top fed, coco/perlite, air injected. A deep water culture system, which produces quality weed from healthy plants. This system produces well over 2lb per 1,000W of light. Doc Croc uses 6,400K 600W Metal Halides for vegetative growth and 2,200K 1000W High Pressure Sodiums for flower. Finally, we finish with 10,000K 1000W Metal Halides for increased resin production.

Nutrient formulation is derived from mineral salts, such as,  free of heavy metals unlike amended soils that use fish meal, blood meal & bone meal fertilizers. Hydroponics means working with water, none the less,  the optimum amount of food for each stage of growth is applied to the roots in solution.

Plant root zone is constantly monitored for the correct nutrient strength, as well as,  pH resulting in fast growth and quality produce. Doc Croc does not use plant growth regulators or artificial hormones, furthermore, the plant is fed a complete nutritional program, this allows for a high quality flower.


Queen Anne location now open! Visit us today at 523 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA