Cool Des Moines Christmas Events & Flavorful Pairings

Winter is nearly upon us, but don’t let the cold, the wet and the dark get you down! It’s also Christmas and the holiday season, and there’s plenty of Des Moines Christmas events to keep your spirits bright.

If that isn’t enough, we’ll share some of our favorite strains and cannabis products to really get your holiday season started right.

Des Moines Christmas Events

Des Moines Christmas Events Argosy Cruises
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Argosy Christmas Ship & The Dickens Choir

When: December 13; First performance at 7:10 PM, 2nd at 8:10 PM
Cost: On-shore viewing and bonfires FREE
Where: Des Moines Marina and Redondo Beach

A Pacific Northwest tradition since 1949, the yearly festival features a parade of ships bedecked in colorful Christmas lights sailing to some 45 different waterfront communities in the Puget Sound. On the 13th, you can be treated to a broadcast of the holiday stylings of the Dickens Choir, who will be caroling for 20 minutes.

Strain Recommendation: Clearly, we’re not going to let you pass up the opportunity to catch a fleet of ships flying thousands of twinkly Christmas lights. May we recommend the Holy Grail vape cartridge from Harmony Farms? It’s a hybrid designed to inspire creativity and lift your (Christmas) spirits. It also produces relaxing body effects, all the better to take in those zillions of teeny-tiny lights….

Des Moines christmas events zoolights
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When: Through January 6, 2019 (closed December 24); 5 – 9 pm
Cost: $6 – $12
Where: Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

This beloved seasonal display returns to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in nearby Tacoma. You’ll see the zoo transformed into a colorful winter wonderland by over 700,000 lights. The zoo promises that the “holiday spirit comes aglow” in this magical world of dazzling 3-D animal light displays. Sounds fun, and also sounds like it demands some cannabis to heighten the visuals!

Strain Recommendation: Given that the event takes place at the zoo, you’d be silly not to go with Grape Ape Popcorn, a dense, dank, high-THC indica. With a strong grape flavor from Mendocino Purps, the calming body high of Afghani, and the pungent scent of Skunk #1, Grape Ape is ready when you need to unwind. Note to self: Don’t overdo it, or the illuminated ice-skating puffins could get a mite too trippy….

Des Moines christmas events tree

Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree!

When: Daily until Christmas
Cost: $19 – $75
Where: Pfaff’s Christmas Tree Farm is the closest option to Des Moines, but there are others

If you’re as serious about Christmas as we are, you’ll agree that there’s only one person qualified to pick your tree: You! Trekking out to the woods, saw in hand, is as time-honored a holiday tradition as they come. Be sure to bring a hat, gloves, and some cocoa to ease the hard work.

Strain Recommendation: Try ATF, a sativa that comes from a cross of North American and Afghani strains. ATF produces strong cerebral sensations and an enjoyable euphoria. Expect earthy flavors, perfect for time spent in nature.

We hope you enjoy these Des Moines Christmas events!

Looking for more strain recommendations? Our budtenders are always ready to help! Stop by to learn about some of our favorite strains or to find your new favorite!

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