Don’t Miss Croptober: Check Out the Greenside Halloween Sale

The leaves are turning gold and the trichomes are turning red… Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, our harvest traditions have long revolved around our favorite sticky green cash crop. So where’s our harvest festival? The Greenside Halloween Sale, of course. Why should the beer guys have all the fun?  It’s time to put down the beer stein and pick up the bong to celebrate a real Northwestern harvest tradition! (Actually it’s totally cool if you want to hang on to the beer stein while picking up the bong.)

Either way, welcome to Croptoberfest, Greenside Recreational’s week-long harvest party for cannabis enthusiasts! No, we won’t be wearing lederhosen, but we will be hosting a series of fun harvest-related events, including great deals on your favorite cannabis edibles, vape supplies, CBD topicals, THC concentrates, cannabis wax and shatter, and good old fashioned bud.

Beginning on October 25th and running through Halloween, our Des Moines and Lake City pot shops will be hosting representatives from the best pot vendors in the business, including Dynamic Harvest and Highpoint. We’ll also be highlighting (no pun intended) our favorite Halloween appropriate “satanic strains”: Boo Berry Kush (Marionberry Kush), Count Chocula (Chocolate Chunk), Pumpkin Smasher (Blue Dynamite), Pumpkin Spice Haze (Tavo/XJ-13), Killer Ghoul Bud (KGB), Trick Or Treat (Night/Day Rosin Stix), Ghost OG.

Here’s our schedule of pot vendor visitations, which will give you a chance to chat up some of your favorite cannabis experts and learn about the latest pot products, including pre-rolled joints, CBD candies, and THC edibles:

  • 10/25: Dynamic Harvest 3-6pm – 15% off
  • 10/28: Highpoint 3-6pm
  • 10/29: Happy Cannabis Collection 3-6pm
  • 10/30: Panacea 3-6pm – Special Joint Pack
  • 10/31: Halloween (FINAL DAY FOR SALES)

So don’t delay in getting in on the harvest fun at Greenside Recreational, the best weed Seattle-area recreational weed stores. Bonus points if you come in costume, and stay tuned for more devilish deals!

Queen Anne location now open! Visit us today at 523 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA