How To Clean Your Bong in Five Easy Steps

Picture this: you buy an awesome bong at Greenside. You take it home and use it for a week or so. It starts to build noticeable resin and sludge inside the glass and bowl piece. Now what? Previously, we made a blog on How To Clean Your Pipe for Five Bucks. This time around, learn how to clean your bong in five easy steps!

Bong Cleaning Dirty

The materials used in this tutorial are simple and cost efficient.


Over 70% Isopropyl alcohol

Sea salt or rock salt

A sink that fits your bong to rinse


Collectively the alcohol and salt should not cost more than five bucks.

Bong Cleaning Isopropyl Alcohol

Step One: Get Patient

Cherry out one last bowl in your dirty bong to achieve the right mindset. After all, once it’s clean you might not want to dirty it for a while! For a pre-cleaning sesh, sativa-dominant hybrids like Top Shelf’s Cinex are ideal.

Bong Cleaning Bowl Piece

Step Two: Prevent Damage

If your bong has pieces that come detached easily (for most this will be the bowl piece), detach and set aside. When dealing with glass pieces that have decals or designs, be careful! If the screenprint is on the outer wall of the glass, the abrasion from the sea salt can wear it down long before it should be.


Step Three: Play Mad Scientist

Pour your choice of salt and Isopropyl alcohol into the mouth of the bong (where you inhale). If you have a bong with complex percolators, you may want to pour it into the bowl piece/adaptor side as well for a thorough scrub.

Bong Cleaning Salt in Bong

Step Four: Take Cover

Cover all open areas on your bong, such as the mouthpiece or bowl piece insert. This can be done with paper towels or Saran wrap and tape.

Clean Bong

Step Five: Shake It Off

Only one thing left to do: shake! Shake like your life depends on it! Like you’re jiving in the ‘50s! Pause. Check the status of debris lining the inner glass walls and percs. Still a decent amount of gunk? Empty and repeat until your piece is sparkling clean. 

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