Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Hispanic Leaders in the Cannabis Space

Hispanic Hertiage

With Hispanic Heritage Month coming up on September 15, we knew we had to do something to celebrate. Since this month pays homage to Hispanic people in the United States, we thought it would be appropriate to look at some of the cannabis industry’s leading Hispanic figures. But first, we’ll answer some basic questions, like when Hispanic Heritage Month takes place and how the annual celebration came to fruition.

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

Hispanic Heritage Month began as Hispanic Heritage Week. President Lyndon B. Johnson first observed this week in 1968. It observes the cultural and historical contributions of Hispanic people to the U.S.

It’s important to note that the month recognizes people from Spanish-speaking countries. That includes Mexico, Spain, some Caribbean nations, and all of Latin America outside of Brazil, Belize, and Suriname.

When is Hispanic Heritage Month?

This year, Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15 in the U.S. It’s occupied that same month-long span since Ronald Regan expanded its scope from Hispanic Heritage Week in 1988.

The September 15th date bears special significance in Latin America. Several countries in the region proclaimed their independence on this date, including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Additionally, Chile and Mexico celebrate their own independence days within this span on September 18 and September 16, respectively. Those dates both fall within the 30-day span of Hispanic Heritage Month. If you’re wondering “How do schools celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?”—they may have assemblies or focus on teaching about noteworthy Hispanic figures.

5 Hispanic Leaders in the Cannabis Space

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For our list of 5 leading Hispanic people in the cannabis industry, we wanted to pull out all the stops. As a result, we didn’t just focus on entrepreneurs. We also included lawyers, advocates, and more.

Jessica F. Gonzalez

A cannabis and intellectual property attorney based in New York City, Jessica F. Gonzlez chalks her success up to her family’s hard work ethic. An Ecuadorian immigrant who moved to Jersey City in 1994, she has 13 aunts and uncles who always pushed her to “estudia, estudia, estudia!”

Jazmin Aguilar

A board member of the Minority Cannabis Business Association’s Board of Directors, Jazmin Aguilar has made it her mission to help people of color access the marijuana industry. Aguilar received one of Los Angeles’ first social equity licenses for cannabis businesses. Now, she’s put her expertise to work as a bilingual consultant for budding cannabis entrepreneurs.

Margarita Juliana Connors

Founder of LA-based cannabis brand Besito, Margarita Juliana Connors is the descendant of Cubans who fled from Fidel Castro. Raised in Miami and Tennessee, Connors identifies strongly with her Cuban heritage. A Fulbright Scholar, she studied U.S./Mexico business training before founding Besito.

Luis Vega

Hemp farmer Luis Vega channels his hispanic heritage every day he goes to work. He’s the founder of Wepa Farms, a hemp farm in Connecticut. The term references a Latin American phrase meaning something that’s “great” or “the best.”

Frances Gonzalez

Frances Gonzalez has dedicated her career to helping Hispanic women start their own cannabis businesses. The Puerto Rico-based cannabis farmer is a founder of the nonprofit Latinas Cannapreneurs. The organization strives to help Latinx people in Puerto Rico make it in the marijuana space.

Lighting Up for Hispanic Heritage Month

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