Celebrate Cannabis: Recipes to Try for 420

420 is fast approaching, and while this year’s cannabis parties may be online, there are still plenty of opportunities to bring the holiday spirit to your home. Celebrating 420 can be as simple as concocting a delicious infused marijuana meal to share with housemates or a significant other. To help with planning some dreamy indoor 420 festivities, these cannabis recipes deserve anyone’s consideration.

Cannabis Recipes to Try For 420

Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

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Brownies may be the classic cannabis recipe, but this recipe is worth a close look. There are many ways to prepare this ultimate edible treat, but this method calls for lightly underbaking the brownies in order to produce a consistency that is guaranteed to impress any who taste them.

While the above recipe does not include cannabis in its list of ingredients, cannabutter can simply be substituted in order to infuse your batch. There are many high-grade cannabutter and canna-oil recipes to be found by searching the Internet, so researching a reliable method of crafting your infusion solution is highly recommended before diving into baked goods like brownies.

Cannabis Quesadillas

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It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t love quesadillas, and the cannabis quesadilla recipe featured above will be no exception. The infusion of this timeless dish is relatively easy, as it only requires the use of cannabis butter or oil. Brush one side of each tortilla with your preferred source of THC, grill them as you would a normal quesadilla, and the result will be a tasty infused snack that provides an ample buzz.

The specifics of the recipe are not set in stone, so feel free to experiment to your tastes and preferences. Substituting different types of meat, cheese, and oils can each result in a vastly different flavor experience. Similarly, using a variety of cannabis types, like indicas and sativas, may imbue your cannabis recipe with different qualities.

Grilled Ganja Chicken

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Source: Weedist

While edibles can range in nature from small and seemingly innocent infused hard candies to magnificent and aromatic meals that fill the house with the scent of cannabis cooking, this recipe for grilled “ganja chicken” combines simplicity with savory satisfaction.

All that is needed to infuse your batch of grilled wonders is a dose of cannabis olive oil. Creating infused olive oil follows a similar process to crafting other forms of cannabis oil, and likewise can be substituted for coconut oil or butter. The recipe calls for cannabis olive oil, however, so you’ll want to whip up a serving if you want to experience the classic “ganja chicken” flavor.

Sriracha Peanut Noodles

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For those in search of a unique edible recipe, sriracha peanut noodles may be the perfect solution. Infusing your noodles will adhere to the same simple process entailed by other recipes. However, this time your oil will be combined into a versatile sauce that can not only be used to compliment a noodle dish, but can also be applied as a dipping sauce, rub for meat, and in a variety of other forms.

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