Traveling to Washington? These Are the Best Cannabis Hotels

While legalization is on the march across the nation, social acceptance of cannabis use is an ongoing process that still has not made its way into the larger consumer culture. While new and intriguing cannabis businesses are popping up around the country, including retail stores, restaurants and cafes, most establishments have still not integrated cannabis into their operation.

Likewise, those seeking out a cannabis-friendly hotel may be at a loss in most states, including those that have legalized cannabis for recreational use. However, in the state of Washington, there are a few superb options for cannabis hotels that stand out in a growing industry.

Cannabis Hotels: Orcas Island Lodge

cannabis hotels Orcas Island Lodge
Source: San Juan Island

If you’re interested in an island getaway, Orcas Island Lodge provides respite from the monotony of everyday life with a cannabis-friendly atmosphere. Located in the beautiful Puget Sound, this gorgeous Washington secret allows guests to easily access the wondrous nature of the Pacific Northwest.

With a specified smoking area located in the garden, cannabis users are welcome at the Orcas Island Lodge. Guests can choose from standard bedrooms or the Orcas Island executive suite, complete with its own private bathroom.

The Winston House

The Windston Lodget
Source: The Winston House

This fabulous treasure of Seattle aims to provide visitors to the area with an essential Seattle experience. With a hip sense of interior design and cozy rooms that elicit a “homey” feeling, the Winston House offers travelers the best of Seattle in the comfort of a bed and breakfast.

True to the liberal ethos that drove forward the legalization movement in America, guests are allowed to smoke cannabis in any outdoor area of the home. For those inexperienced cannabis users perhaps traveling to Washington for an authentic cannabis experience, the Winston House actually offers a guided course on cannabis and its effects.

The Bacon Mansion

cannabis hotels The Bacon Mansion
Source: The Washington Bed and Breakfast Guild

For those seeking a distinguished lodging in the Seattle area, this age-old favorite conveys a regal aura. A historic building located in the famous Capitol Hill neighborhood, the Bacon Mansion provides guests with convenient proximity to many of Seattle’s most famous sights and sounds, as well as the city’s diverse and buoyant nightlife.

While the Bacon Mansion isn’t ostentatious about their status as a cannabis hotel, guests are allowed to smoke cannabis in all outdoor sections. Smoking is not allowed indoors, as the preservation of the 1909 building is considered a priority.

Cannabis Hotels: North Admiral Penthouse

cannabis hotels North Admiral Penthouse
Source: Marijuana Vacation Guide

While not a traditional cannabis hotel, the North Admiral Penthouse offers tourists to the Seattle area a vantage point of the city conducive to exploring or experiencing Seattle’s unique flavor. A luxurious two-floor apartment, the North Admiral Penthouse is a captivating abode with more than enough room for two or more guests.

As a premiere cannabis-friendly destination, the North Admiral Penthouse allows guests to light up anywhere in the residency. However, the best spot by far is the penthouse deck, which commands a magnificent view and memorable view of the Seattle cityscape.

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