Budtender March Madness

With the exception of the University of Washington Women’s basketball team, Washington State athletics were a bit of a disappointment in this year’s NCAA basketball tournament. So instead of boring you with the local collegiate athletics, we decided to do a bracket of our own! Introducing the Greenside Recreational Sweet 16 bracket!

Greenside Recreational Sweet 16We picked 16 of the top selling and most popular products from our inventory and put them in head-to-head matchups voted on by our budtenders! In the bracket above we have products from Elevate, Spot, Goodship, Herbin Harvest, Legends, G Stiks, Top Shelf, Pioneer Nuggets, Western Cultured, Master Grown, Inflorescence, Magic Kitchen, Artizen, Fifty Fold, and Lopez & Company.

Greenside Bracket Final Four

The Final Four should come as no surprise. When it came to Elevate rosin vs. G Sticks, the amazing taste and extraordinary high of the Elevate rosin proved no match for the powerful G Sticks. On the other side of the bracket we had to choose between two of the top flowers available at Greenside Recreational: Seattle Lemon Haze from Western Cultured and Strawberry Diesel from Lopez & Orr. This was one close, forcing a recount to to be sure that the Strawberry Diesel had in fact won over the ever so popular Seattle Lemon Haze.

Greenside Bracket

In the end, Strawberry Diesel from Lopez & Orr was no match for the G Stiks from GFramaLabs and their heavy hitting pre-rolls.

We suggest you visit Greenside Recreational soon and create your own Sweet 16 bracket!



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