Artizen Cannabis Farms

Artizen Cannabis Farms

About Artizen

Here at Artizen our flagship facility was custom designed and built in Lacey, Washington in 2014. Early the next year we launched our strain collection. This caused immediate attention from cannabis enthusiast, business owners and budtenders.

Dedication and experience have brought us to the present day, when we can look back, take a deep breathe and give ourselves a small but deserved pat on the back.

Here at Artizen we take great pride in our work, from cultivation to packaging, ensuring everything is just right and that your Artizen experience lives up to our own high standards.

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Our Team

Our team was assembled by visionaries who saw the future of cannabis, with a small army of expert growers and a staff who tirelessly bind the pieces together.

The synergy has turned what was once a vision and a dream into reality. Further more, custom designed and built, our facility has risen the bar on commercial indoor growing. With 30-foot ceilings our plants breathe the CO2-enriched air with ease.

Artizen’s state-of-the-art water filtration and heating systems ensure our plants are drinking the purest water. Also, using the industry’s best grow-light technology. Plants get maximum levels of photosynthetic energy, short of being under the sun itself.

Finally, the zen-like practices imparted from our expert growers onto our production crews. Emphasize a calm, thoughtful approach. Further more, even with the large-scale task of supplying a gigantic market in a commercial setting. Finally, our growing facilities are well-staffed and we take our time.


Queen Anne location now open! Visit us today at 523 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA