Origin Cannabis Company

Origin Cannabis Company - Alki Beach

Origin Cannabis Company is the first licensed marijuana grower in Bellevue, Washington. Their artisan-grown cannabis is grown in coco using only the finest nutrients. Hand-trimmed and cured to excellence, their sole focus is producing high-quality cannabis products for your enjoyment. They scoured the globe looking for the most interesting and delicious strains. After growing and testing over 125 strains, they settled on 42 of the best cannabis genetics available. They are local folks from Tacoma, Seattle, Richland, Issaquah, Bainbridge, Toledo and Bellevue. They strive to buy American and get all of their nutrients and supplies right here in Seattle. Their grow masters have a combined 40 years of growing experience and have expertise and experience growing some of the finest marijuana on the market. Check out details on some of their most popular strains below.

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