Frequently Asked Questions:

How old do you have to be to enter Greenside Recreational?

-You must be 21 years of age and have a valid ID, no punched cards or bent beyond recognition will be permitted.

How much can I purchase at a time?

-State allows 1 ounce of dried buds per visit. 7 grams of concentrate. 16 ounces of Edibles.

Do you have an ATM? or take debit /credit cards?

-We accept Debt Cards. We do have several ATMs on-site for your convenience.

Can I smoke at the store or in the parking lot?

-No, you must smoke in your own private residence. Sorry.

Can I come in if I am from out of the State?

-Yes, as long as you are 21 year of age and have a valid ID.

Why are the prices higher then a medical dispensary?

-Unfortunately we have to pay higher taxes to the State. If you have been in the shop you have seen our prices are pretty low compared to some shops in the State.

Can I bring my pet dog into the store?

-As long as they are leashed and well tempered we will allow the animal inside, if we have a problem we may ask you to not bring them next time.

Can I bring my Service Animal into the store?

-Yes, most definitely we allow Service Animals into the store to accompany their owner.

Does your staff know what strains help with aches and pains?

-Most likely yes, but unfortunately we are not allowed to talk about medical properties of the plant with our customers. We recommend researching the type of strain you would like to purchase before coming into the store. There are useful guides like Leafly.com that have all sorts of medical cannabis strains to browse through.