We believe in the simple process of guiding our plants to reach their full genetic potential so they will produce the best cannabis in the industry. Our growers tend to our plants daily by trimming and watering each plant by hand. Our plants are grown a combination of nature soil and organic coco coir which results in a slower grow, but a better product, and means we aren’t disposing of thousands of gallons of water in the process. During the last two weeks prior to harvest, all flowering plants are flushed with water in order to produce a smooth and clean tasting product. By recycling our waste water, repurposing soil, and treating plants by hand, we are committed to a low carbon footprint. We follow this philosophy throughout our company by only using packaging materials and machines that are made in the U.S., filtering our water, using LED grow lights, and maintaining temperature and humidity control conservatively. There are certainly easier methods to raise cannabis, but we passionately believe our process maintains a connection with the plants and results in the best product for our partners!